Pampered pooches steal the show


Quercus Park United Kennel Club easily convince patrons to cuddle French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs, a very popular dog breed, are very well received by Agfest patrons. 

Toni Drew, a volunteer and member of the Quercus Park United Kennel Club Launceston, breeds Weimaraners, but was happy to talk about the French Bulldogs on display at the stall.

Chanel, the French bulldog with the “nice French name” has been enjoying the spotlight and cuddles.

French Bulldogs are an ideal breed, as they “don’t require much space, but they do get people out of the house and out walking, but not terribly far” Says Toni.

“They are compact, they’re good companions, they’re good watchdogs, they give you the right kind of vibes and when you need a dog to make you feel good, they have got all that.”

French Bulldogs are suitable for a variety of owners as Toni says “I have only ever seen them with good temperaments.”

French Bulldogs have a squashed nose, which can be problematic for the dogs and breathing. However, Toni says “good breeders will actually breed a good nose, with plenty of space for the air, which is why you buy registered dogs. They are accountable. Breeders of registered dogs are always trying to improve and they are not just breeding for selling.”

Alongside the French Bulldogs, there are Border Collies and Beagles to see, “everybody needs a dog to pat, and that’s therapy.”

Quercus Park United Kennel Club is fundraising at Agfest to “create a kitchen at the kennel club” Toni says.

“We ask if they have any spare coins that they donate to the cuddle tin.”

They also have a sausage sizzle event where patrons are welcome to buy some delicious food and support a good cause.

Toni says that everyone should come to the Quercus Park United Kennel Club event to come see the dogs, “because we can feed them as well.”

And yes, the “dogs can smell the Barbeque.”