Cheese Police launch their website at Agfest


Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority connecting with their community.

Self-proclaimed ‘Cheese Police’, the Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority have launched their interactive website at Agfest with great success.

Quality Assurance Manager, Don Sandman says the event is a great way to connect with the farmers and consumers on a more personal level and promote the work that they do.

“We have a wall of photos here that have been taken at Agfest of farmers, processers and consumers who have all come to see us during the event.”

The Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority is run by the government to protect the state's dairy industry by providing guidelines which producers and processors have to follow.

The team of three people also have to visit all of these factories and farms, no matter how big or small.

“We go from the mega-factories that produce millions of litres of milk each day into cheddar and dairy products, to our small artisan factories using cow, sheep and goat’s milk.” Sandman says.

The website now allows the producers, processors and consumers a useful source to find out a wide range of information that would otherwise be scattered through the internet.

You can find their website at