Heritage is the heart of Agfest


Every year at Agfest people from all over Tasmania and Australia travel to display some of their most prized historical machinery and memorabilia for the patrons.

This year at Agfest is no exception. The collections include tractors, engines, sewing machines, rock churners, jacks and more. The owners of these pieces are always welcoming to share their stories with the patrons on Agfest field days.
Phil Weaks and Barry Smith of the Historical Machinery Club of Tasmania are showing off some new pieces this year.
Phil is showing his 1915 International Mogul, made in the United States, which was bought into the Kentish area just after the First World War.
The tractor was a part of celebrations after the First World War, and then left abandoned in a field up near Lake Barrington. The tractor was rescued by Phils family and has been in the family ever since.
For Phil, the piece is priceless and will remain in the family for years to come.
Barry Smith is displaying his dairy collection this year at Agfest. He has hand-separators, fat churners and more, some of which are over 100 years old.
"I've put a different collection on each year, including kitchen memorabilia, laundry memorabilia, race cars and I've also got a collection of little steam engines," says Barry.
Both Phil and Barry's pieces are only a few of hundreds displayed here at Agfest.
"Everybody has something which is meaningful to them," says Phil, and they are all here at Agfest to share their pieces and their stories with the patrons.