Kids of all ages the winner as toys reign supreme


Delightful discounts and deals

It was on for young and old as children of all ages lapped up every moment of the 2018 Agfest by purchasing a whole range of toys.

For the young kids, there is a range of different toys and trinkets for them to beg their parents for.

Wayne Burley, from Wooden Toys n’More Lindisfarne, says his most popular toys this event have been the handmade wooden cameras, jigsaws and pencil boxes.

“I usually stick to the niche handmade markets, but I’m really enjoying my first time at Agfest.”

Burley’s timeless pieces are handcrafted with love after beginning the business following the loss of a number of close family members.

“My wife told me to get out into the shed and use the tools that were just sitting there and the business went from there.”

Loud and bright exhibitor Timeless Toys travelled from the mainland to show their large range of children’s toys.

The couple, who are in their 6th Agfest, says that they love Tassie because it’s a nice place and they love meeting the locals.

“Tassie is great because Taswegians know the value of a good toy to stimulate a child’s imagination.”

For the big kids, there is plenty on offer and being sold.

On the first day of Agfest Mitsubishi Motors sold 3 cars and really happy with that, Sales Consultant Jordana Green says.

“The Triton Utes have been the most popular by far this week, they are good working vehicles.”  

The 3 official Agfest days are not where the selling stops for Mitsubishi, they continue their deals and discounts well into next week at their 3 Tasmanian dealerships.

Justin Read, General Manager of the Hobart dealership, says that they are expected to have at least 200 interested parties over the event days.

From this, there are expected to be 30 to 40 cars sold after the event is over from parties who were keen and consulted with the dealers at Agfest.  

“Agfest for us is all about building repour with our customers as we are not a ‘destination’ brand as such but we are beginning to change that.”

No one leaves Agfest empty handed so make sure you head in on the last day today.