MAST send out an important message about boating safety in Tasmania


"A seaworthy boat is your best piece of safety equipment."

At this year's Agfest, Marine and Safety Tasmania have an important message to send to all patrons.

Forty percent of MAST boat licenses are based in rural areas. One in 8.8 people in Tasmania have a recreational boat license and 1 in 17 people have a registered boat.

"We have a boat on display here showing the transom just about to fall out. We are concerned because we have had a few incidents recently where old boats have been sinking and causing accidents," says Senior Recreational Boating Project Officer Ian Ross.

Due to recent incidents, MAST are making all boat owners aware that it doesnt take much to put their lives at risk, and its best to always be prepared. 

Ian says its all about "having the 'what if' conversation with yourself before you go out in the boat: thinking about what might happen, how you are going to deal with it, is your boat safe?"

"A seaworthy boat is your best piece of safety equipment."

MAST are also informing patrons of the new mandatory life jackets which will be rolled out across the state by January 1st 2021.

The new standard has higher buoyancy requirements and came into legislation in 2010, but still are not being used by all recreational boat users.

"There is a huge population who get out on the water and use the water for recreation, so keeping them safe and making sure everybody gets home safe to their families is what we're about."