NAB investment in Agribusiness on display at Agfest


"We are well and truly committed to the Ag sector."

NAB has returned to Agfest to speak to patrons about agribusiness and help volunteer with Rural Youth.

THe bank's history with the country's farmers goes back 150 years. NAB is now the largest lender to agribusiness enterprises in Australia with one in three primary producers being a client. 

Regional Agribusiness Manager David Martin says Agfest is an important event in their calender as its a great chance to "encourage conversations with customers."

NAB's long term investment in agribusiness shows the bank is comitted to not only their customer's finances but their personal wellbeing and the success of the industry as a whole.

"We are keen to see farmers manage their land so that they get the best out of it."

NAB's connection with Agfest runs deep. THe bank is strongly connected with Rural Youth Tasmania and NAB employees volunteer at Agfest each year.

"This year we have had about 12 staff rotate through the booths on Thursday, and staff through here today."

"We are well and truly committed to the Ag sector."