Ned Kelly Red showcase unique Red Spritzer at Agfest


"Everybody that tries it likes it" says owner Michael Callipari.

Ned Kelly Red is a unique range of wines and port, originating from mainland Australia.

The Ned Kelly Red name is now recognisable across Tasmania and the country, but as owner Michael Callipari explains, this wasn't always the case.

"We started making wine as a hobby in 1997, but weren't selling much wine."

After crafting a range of wines, but with no customers interested in buying them, Michael went back to the drawing board, His goal was to create a unique and special product. 

"We decided to make this Ned Kelly Red spritzer, which is a blend of red wine, orange and lemon juice."

At first the unique blend in the spritzer was not a hit with potential stockists, it was also not popular on the export market. However Ned Kelly Red found their sweet spot with farmers markets. They now travel the length and breadth of the country selling their wonderful wine to discerning patrons. 

"We travel up as far as the Queensland border, and attend the Brisbane show when it is on. We've been over the the West twice with our product."

"We have customers all over Australia who order from us regularly."

After finding success at the markets, Michael has bought a seperate vinyard to craft a pink moscato wine, a delicious Shiraz, a Port and a Blanc de Blanc which has won silver at the Hobart Wine Show.

"The Ned Kelly Red spritzer has built our business," despite running into roadblocks at the start says Michael.

"Everybody that tries it likes it."

Go give it a taste and buy yourself a carton of this unique spritzer at Agfest this year.