New Dairy Shelters will improve animal welfare


Introducing the new housing system for dairy herds which improves the health of livestock.

The future of dairy farming is in Dairy Shelters, an innovative new housing system for dairy herds that improves the health rates of livestock by reducing the risk of contamination and provides effluent, pasture and infection control.

The shelter boasts a deep litter flooring system that is easy for farmers to control. The cattle are kept on a clean surface that is easy to aerate and contains no run-off risk.

Manager at Diary Shelters Australia Simon Rea says, "we use a tractor every day to refresh the floor. It gives the cows nice clean bedding so they are not getting dirty and germy - things which lead to mastitis."

The flooring in Dairy Shelters are easy on cows feet and joints, and reduces harm to udders. It also increases the liklihood of cows to be able to rest comfortably, therefore increasing feed conversion.

"A typical farmer could find they can increase their cows' contribution of milk to the farm," says Simon.

Without use of the product, dairy cows are exposed to the natural environment; they might suffer from effects of run off, and risks of damage and infection.

Simon says the shelters are new to the Tasmanian market, but there are eight operational Dairy Shelters being used in Southern Victoria.

Dairy Shelters Australia have returned to Agfest to help raise awareness of the product and its proof of increase in good animal welfare.