Politicians past, present and hopeful make a field day of Agfest


Politicians new and old make appearances at the 36th annual Agfest.

This year’s Agfest was again swarming with politicians ready to listen to voters and campaign for their cause.

Pollies from a number of parties and electorates have been seen ‘pressing the flesh’ and showing their support for the agriculture community.

Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman made a short appearance on Friday supporting Liberal candidate for Prosser Jane Howlett.

Howlett is on the campaign trail for the Legislative Council election, with the polls opening today.

She says she will always come back to Agfest.

“Here I can talk to a variety of people from my electorate and from around the state.”

“Agfest is the biggest rural event in Tasmania. I wouldn’t miss it. I’ll be here over all three days.”

Besides campaigning, Ms Howlett is keen to purchase a ride-on mower.

Jacquie Pertrusma MP, on the other hand enjoys the honey stalls as well as towels and socks. Describing them as “great value”.

Rebecca White is expected to make an appearance today as Opposition Leader.

Former Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, showed her support for a number of Tasmanian charities as well as tucking into some great food at the Betta Milk Unique Tastes pavilion.