Tassie Kids Crack the Whip at Agfest


Tasmanian youth showed off their skills on Thursday with Simon Martin Whips.

Through a whip cracking demonstration on Thursday, 3 Tasmanian youth showed off their skills with Simon Martin Whips.

Jacob Scott (6) from Latrobe started the show with his Queensland cross-over routine. To avoid distractions, he carefully placed his hat on the ground beside him.

Jacob went on to impress the crowd with his routines including the figure of eight and ‘the snake killer’.

Fifteen-year-old Jennah Horton has been practising whip cracking for 3 years. She can crack her whip to the beat of Mary had a Little Lamb and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – and sing along too.

Millie Oosting (17) has been cracking whips for 5 years. Millie performed routines such as the Death March, the Queensland Cross-Over and Simon’s Helicopter, a routine that Simon Martin created himself.

Jennah and Millie performed a few routines together and in-sync, including the Cross March and the Tassie Twist.

The whips were changed for each performance, as different lengths are needed for each.

For a finale, the group combined their skills to perform the Machine Gun, a routine which involves multiple cracks of many whips to create a machine gun sound.

Millie, whose favourite routines are the Machine Gun and the Tassie Twist, says that the trio “haven’t done Agfest before, this is our first time performing. But we’ve enjoyed eating good food and visiting our families”.