Virtual reality gives new perspective


Virtual reality is offering a new experience for Agfest visitors.

An opportunity to view the world, through a new perspective, has been provided at the University of Tasmania site, with virtual reality a rising trend at Agfest.

Virtual connections have been provided by the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) as well as Jane Franklin Hall.

Antony Cave, IT Support Officer at IMAS, says the popularity of virtual reality is increasing with IMAS offering Agfest patrons the opportunity to experience what it is like to dive in the ocean.

“We are able to explain what we are doing in a visual way,” he said.
“It is an immersive experience.”

Antony said that there is potential to communicate future IMAS research initiatives through virtual reality.

Just across from the IMAS display, Jane Franklin Hall, a residential college for UTAS students, also have a virtual reality experience on offer. 

Jacob Foreman, Jane Franklin’s Marketing Coordinator, says the virtual tour of the college is an engaging way of communicating with an audience. 

“It is a good way to get your messages across and put someone into the world that you are talking about and tell a story with images,” he said.

The virtual reality trend looks set to continue to grow in popularity. 

The University of Tasmania tent can be found at site 409 on Fourth Avenue.