A true-blue good cause
Hayden Cornes

Hayden Cornes
Posted on 26 August, 2022

A true-blue good cause

The official charity partner of Agfest is helping those in rural Tasmania.

“We’re really honoured that through Agfest we’re able to connect with people who might not be so familiar with RAW and the work we do,” says spokesperson Lauren Harper.

Rural Alive and Well (RAW) provides free and immediate counselling support for those living in rural or remote areas of Tasmania.

The RAW exhibit set up a gauge helping people to pick up on when they might not be feeling themselves.

“For me when I’m running more so into the red, I often say that ‘people just annoy me’. Thinking about my triggers helps me settle back into the green,” says Lauren.

“So often people will burn themselves ragged until there’s not much left of themselves, so we really want to work in that preventative space,” she added.

“A lot of the work that people do is in isolation, so the more isolated you are, we know the effects of mental health on people’s wellbeing when you are isolated,” says Lauren.

To have a chat with the friendly team, head over to the feature tent at site M88 on Main Street