Lift off at A
Megan Oliver

Megan Oliver
Posted on 07 May, 2021

Lift off at Agfest

Rotorlift is flying high in 2021.


When Agfest moved to The Cloud in 2020, it was a different kind of cloud than Rotorlift was used to. Now in 2021 Agfest is back in the paddock, and Scott Bridges from Rotorlift is thrilled to be getting people back in the air once more.

“It’s an awesome view of the Agfest site, the speedway, and other local farms.’

The short, 6 minute flights are a perfect trip for first-time flyers and helicopter enthusiasts alike.

“There’s some people that go up every year, but there’s also a lot of first-time flyers. The kids love it.”

Scott said that Rotorlift has been flat out with flights, the $10 tickets being snapped up quickly.

“We’ve had really good days with the good weather. The only thing that’ll shut us down if we get any rain.”

While there have been COVID-19 restrictions surrounding how many people can fly at one time, Scott is glad to be back on site at Agfest

Those looking for a thrill-ride can visit Rotorlift on their Agfest site next to the Southern carpark.