Onetrak building Australia’s future
Hayden Cornes

Hayden Cornes
Posted on 25 August, 2022

Onetrak building Australia’s future

The future of the country's forestry and construction needs can all be found in one place.

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Onetrak supplies machinery for quarries and mining, timber harvesting and other primary infrastructure activities.

“Our products are very reliable, people can see the quality and dealing with a one-stop shop like Onetrak for all the maintenance is great for everyone,” says Territory Manager Rodney Onions.

The Tasmanian-owned family business has been supplying machinery for the construction and forestry industry for 15 years.

“It’s a great meeting point for all our customers, we can be in one place and our customers can come to us,” Rodney says.

He says it's an exciting time to be displaying new farming vehicles.

“We’ve got the Hidromek 230 which is higher, lifted out, widened out, and fully forestry guarded in our workshop."

Rodney and Onetrak have been supporting Agfest for a decade.

“It’s a Tasmanian company doing something for Tasmanians, trying to help the people behind it because it’s a great venue and we need to keep it going.”

“It brings the city and the rural people altogether. It doesn’t discriminate, everyone comes together for the cause and has a great time,” he added.

To get looked after for all your construction and forestry needs, check out Onetrak at site M17 on Main Street.