It's a dog lover's heaven
Hayden Cornes

Hayden Cornes
Posted on 26 August, 2022

"You’d be surprised at what some dogs can do"

From herding ducks and cattle to dragging carts through an obstacle course, it's a dog lover's heaven.

“We’re doing displays of obedience training, duck, cattle and sheep herding, and dog carting and agility,” says dog herder Lorraine Woods.

"Competitive carting is where you have a cart that’s the size for the dog and you must go around the course through obstacles with the dog pulling it under instruction,” she says.

Lorraine is a veteran when it comes to dog herding, starting with her first show dog in 1986. She says loves having a crowd come and watch.

“We’ve had quite a few people come in to see what duck herding is for a start.”

“Come and have a look, you’d be surprised at what some dogs can do and it’s also surprising what your dog at home can do when you think about it," she says.

Lorraine says there will be plenty of dogs on Saturday for cuddling as well.

To see Lorraine and her furry friends keep livestock in line, visit the site at N93 on North Street.