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Applications 'Official Agfest Charity 2018' are closed

Official Agfest Charity 2018 - Teen Challenge Tasmania  


The Agfest organising committee received 11 outstanding expressions for the 2018 field days and the committee unanimously chose Teen Challenge Tasmania as our 'Official Charity 2018'.

About Teen Challenge Tasmania

Four Australians die every day from a drug overdoseOne in 8 deaths in Australia of young people aged under 25 are related to alcohol consumption and $6 billion is lost every year in Australian workplace productivity due to the effects of drugs and alcohol. Alcohol and drug addiction is having a significant impact on communities across Australia. 

Teen Challenge Tasmania specialises in the alcohol and other drugs sector in treatment interventions, and prevention through education. Our mission is to meet the needs of the whole person to help them to be physically well, socially adjusted, mentally sound, emotionally balanced and spiritually alive.  

Teen Challenge is a faith based global organisation with over 1400 centres operating in 128 countries. In 1971 Teen Challenge commenced in Queensland, and today we operate in each state of Australia. Although united by purpose, we operate independently of each other. We are Not for Profit, Specialist Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Rehabilitation organisations. Our programs include men and women residential rehabilitation centres, youth and family mentoring, Day AOD programs, family support and #NotEvenOnce® demand reduction projects (upstream intervention).  

In Tasmania, our flagship #NotEvenOnce® alcohol and other drug prevention and early intervention program is delivered to primary and high school students, parents, teachers, sporting clubs, communities and workplaces. It provides information, social skills, personal resilience, and understanding to assist young people and communities to avoid the risks of substance abuse. This program has had remarkable results with 68of students reporting a positive shift away from initial indication of being likely to use alcohol and/or illicit drugs. 

Our Connections Mentoring Program is a prevention and early intervention program that matches volunteer adult mentors with at risk young people. The Program assists young people and their families who may be struggling with their physical or mental health, socially or educationally. For a troubled young person, having someone come alongside you, who believes in you and is prepared to commit to helping you achieve your goals, is life changing. Students with a dedicated 1 to 1 mentor show significant improvement in their relationships with their peers, family and friends and school connectedness 

Teen Challenge Tasmania is currently working towards establishing an alcohol and other drug residential rehabilitation facility, Home of Hope for Women and Children As rehabilitation specialists, our centre will provide women with children, pregnant women and single women suffering from addictions, access to a safe, stable environment. In the meantime, we refer those in need to one of our highly effective (70%+ success rate) Teen Challenge rehabilitation centres on the mainland. 

Teen Challenge Tasmania are extremely passionate about turning people away from the "top of the cliff" of addiction and work diligently in this area. Our programs have shown that individuals that are clearly informed as to the real life altering consequences of entering into substance use and understanding that drug use is often a mask to underlying problems make more positive educated choices for their future.  For more inforamtion visit