Road Closures

Road Closures and Changed Traffic Conditions

Road Closures

To help get vehicles in and out of Agfest as quickly and efficiently as possible, the Agfest Traffic Management Plan requires the closure of Oaks Road at particular times during the event. This allows Agfest to utilise multiple traffic lanes going in and out of the site.

Oaks Road will be closed to vehicle access between the Bass Highway and the Agfest Site south property boundary on the dates below at the listed times:

North Bound Road Closed:

  • Wednesday 5 May- 7.30 to 12 noon
  • Thursday 6 May - 7:30am to 12 noon
  • Friday 7 May - 7:30am to 12 noon
  • Saturday 8 May - 7:30am to 12 noon

Alternative routes via Whitemore Road or Bishopsbourne Road are advised. Road closure and detour signage will be erected at the corner of Oaks Road and Whitemore Road however access for residents will be available up to the Agfest site during these times.

The map below outlines the road closure locations and alternative routes.

South Bound Road Closed:

    • Wednesday 5 May - 2:30pm to 6:00pm
    • Thursday 6 May - 2:30pm to 6:00pm
    • Friday 7 May - 2:30pm to 6:00pm
    • Saturday 8 May - 2:30pm to 6:00pm

Alternative routes via Carrick, Whitemore Road and Bishopsbourne Road are advised. Road closure signage will be erected at the corner of Oaks Road and the Meander Valley Highway however access for Oaks Road residents north of the Bass Highway overpass and Monds Lane will be available during these times. The westbound Oaks Road exit on the Bass Highway will also be closed during these times.

The map below outlines the road closure locations and alternative routes.

Between 12 noon and 2:30pm, normal traffic flow conditions will be in place.

The alternative routes will result in greater travel times and these should be factored in when planning your journey. Tasmania Police and the SES will be enforcing these road closures. The Agfest Committee apologies for any inconvenience the road closures may cause.

An additional note for locals

Local residents are reminded Oaks Road will be subject to changed traffic conditions including reduced speed limits and reduced lane widths between Monday 29 April and Monday 6 May. During this period, Oaks Road will also be subject to significant traffic flows entering and exiting the Agfest site. Motorists are also reminded to abide by all traffic control signage and drive to the conditions. This will ensure the safety of the public and traffic controllers.

Traveling on the Bass Highway

Agfest has attracted crowds of up to 30,000 people on any one day. This results in significant traffic volumes on the Bass Highway leading to the Agfest site. The Meander Valley Highway and Illawarra Road may also be subject to higher than usual traffic volumes. Whether you are traveling to Agfest or are a general motorist, traffic delays and slow-moving traffic may be experienced during the event. In past years, slow moving traffic has been recorded leading to the Agfest site for several kilometres, including as far as Travellers Rest, Westbury and Longford. This has resulted in extended travel times of up to 40 minutes.

During Agfest, motorists are recommended to drive to the conditions and be alert of slow moving traffic within the vicinity of Agfest. Warning signage will be erected prior and during the event, and reduced speed limits will be in place around the Bass Highway / Oaks Road overpass. Motorists should tune into their local radio station or media outlet for traffic condition updates during the event.