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Terms and Conditions

  • Garments cannot be entered again for a second year, and must be a new creation each year;
  • The person named on the entry form must have created the garment;
  • One outfit per entry (multiple entries welcome);
  • No groups entries permitted, one person per garment;
  • The creation is to be made from material of an agricultural nature as produced or used on the farm, however buttons, zips and such items may be used without penalty;
  • Outfits will be disqualified if items are brought from any stores;
  • The creation need not be practical, but rather creative and entertaining;
  • The creation must be durable enough to be worn at least five times;
  • Should the garment need any accessories such as body suits/tights etc. these can be used by the entrant/model;
  • The garment must allow free body movement and not scratch, injure or be a hindrance to the wearer;
  • It must be of a weight to be comfortably worn and carried;
  • When promoting this event, the Agfest Committee holds the exclusive rights for all of the advertising and photos relevant to the Ag Artwear® Competition;
  • Ag Artwear entries will be judged by an independent panel selected by the Agfest organising commitee. Judging will take place between 12 August - 19 August based on the images provided and prize winners will have the opportunity to display their garments in the Rural Youth Feature marquee at the event. Mannequins and delivery/collection of garments will be the responsibily of the entrant;
  • Categories are: 13 -16 years , 17 - 21 years and 22 years and over;
  • Prizes are as follows - First prize $100, Second prize $50 and Third prize a Rural Youth Tasmania Merchandise pack valued @ $20 ;
  • Peoples Choice voting will take place between 24 August - 3 September via the Agfest website. Winners prize $100;
  • All entries close on 11 August 2022 @ 5pm.

Please ensure all information above is entered correctly and that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of entry before submitting your information.