Exhibitor Information

Do you want to exhibit at Agfest 2020? Closing date for applications was December 1, 2019 and any completed applications received after this date are automatically placed on the waiting list for a cancellation as the site is fully booked. The 2020 Exhibitors List will be available on April 1.

The Agfest Committee invite you to consider aligning your business with Agfest and become a part of the success story.  Applications to be an exhibitor at Agfest 2020 are now open and all applications are made online. We received over 1000 applications to exhibit at the 2019 event, therefore the information provided within your application helps us decide who is chosen to be an exhibitor at the 2020 event. 

All exhibitors must apply every year and each application received is reviewed by the Exhibitor Selection Committee. Our Selection Committee rotate exhibitors to best achieve attendee movement around the site and long-term exhibitors are not guaranteed a site each year. Applications from core agricultural companies are given preference.  

Previous Exhibitors: All exhibitor who have previously exhibited in the last 2 years will be sent their access link via email to the online system on the October 1, 2019. If you have not received your unique access link, please click apply now below and complete a password reset. If you are still unable to assess your account, please contact us. (Do not create a new account)

New Exhibitors: If you wish to apply for a site at Agfest 2020 and haven't been an exhibitor before. The Exhibitor Application Information Guide below includes information regarding cost and process on applying, the new exhibiting costs will be available on October 1, 2019.

Official Charity Partner:  Applications for the Official Charity Partner 2020 are also now open and strictly close on December 1. Applicants need to complete an application, as per above. For more information about becoming an Official Charity Partner please visit the Official Charity page. .

The application process is a two step process, please click ‘Apply Now’ to create an application:

Step 1 – Please update your Exhibitor Contact Information and company logo if applicable.

Step 2 – Create a new application, using the Application Information Guide below to assist you in choosing the right site.

Once you have submitted the application you will receive an email acknowledging the receipt of your application. Your application will then be checked by the Agfest administration team and they will be in contact within 5 working days if we require any further information. You may return at any time to re-visit your exhibitor application, however you will be unable to modify it. To delete or cancel an application please contact us. You may enter up to three applications if you are applying for different types of sites. 

Closing date for applications is December 1, 2019 and any completed applications received after this date will be automatically placed on the waiting list for a cancellation and will be subject to a 10% surcharge.

All applications received by closing date will receive a response via email on January 31, 2020 – successful applicants will receive two documents an acceptance letter, and an invoice.  Please do not send payment with your application.  

We advise not to make any booking for marquees, accommodation, travel arrangements or ordering of stock until allocation notifications take place.

Please keep your login details in a safe place as successful exhibitors will need it to access the exhibiting pack which will be available once site notifications have been completed.


If you have difficulty with any documentation or the application process, please don't hesitate to contact our Administration Team on 03 6331 6154 or via the contact us page.