Governor's Message

I am pleased to write this Message in support of Agfest Field Days, nationally recognised as Tasmania’s premier agricultural and machinery field day event.

Agfest has come a long way since its inception 37 years ago in 1983, when the then current Rural Youth members saw a need for an annual, well organised agricultural field day.

Agfest is expertly managed and administered by a volunteer committee of some 50 Rural Youth Tasmania members, current and past, with assistance from staff. A measure of the dedication of the young volunteers is that each Agfest is a year in the planning, culminating in volunteers taking annual or unpaid leave of up to two weeks to volunteer at the actual event.

And thanks to the sponsors, Agfest continues to be a self-funded event. All income generated is either reinvested into the Quercus Rural Youth Park site, to improve facilities for patrons and exhibitors alike, or to fund the activities of Rural Youth Tasmania. The payoff is literal: Agfest injects millions of dollars into the local economy each year.

I congratulate everyone associated with Agfest in upholding your vision to continue to build on your theme “Growing Rural Tasmania”, while offering new and different experiences to keep the event fresh and patrons and exhibitors engaged. Your skill and passion for showcasing Tasmania’s agricultural industry is greatly to be admired.