Jake Denton

Jake Denton
Posted on 04 May, 2023

A slick and efficient approach to customer engagement

Operating since 1997, Atlantic Oils has always been involved with the Tasmanian rural market.

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Advertising their state-wide brand through Agfest is the perfect opportunity for World Champ Axeman David Foster to get out there amongst the people.

For Atlantic Oils Agfest is a chance for people to see what is on display and understand the practical uses of their lubricants and engine oils with the help of their on-site crew.

“Days like this, you can see the product, touch the product, and just get a good sense of it. This type of interaction has got to be better than anything else.”

Fitting into the rural sector, Atlantic Oils promotes a guaranteed manufacturing quality of their products available for work involved in automotive, industrial, agricultural, and mining areas. Protection and maintenance are key to the brand and through Agfest they can talk directly to customers.

“The backend of tractors, hydraulics, chain and bar oil, greases, degreasers, and just about anything for motor vehicles in the oil department is a major focus this year.”

As a brand, they can help with whatever issue you may have and can fix you up with the right solution to any problem.

Atlantic Oils is located at M24 on Main Street.