All terrain on display
Jake Denton

Jake Denton
Posted on 04 May, 2023

All-Terrain on display

CFMOTO Australia is getting its name out there this Agfest to target the farming market.

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Offering a wide display of ATVs, UTVs, recreational, and farming vehicles, CFMOTO Australia’s Lance Whitelock says they are advertising at Agfest to make connections with exhibitors and the public.

They have a wide range of ATVs from 400cc up to 1000cc and an entry-level 600cc six-seater with a fully enclosed cabin.

“Agfest is the perfect place to introduce agricultural customers to our ATV range and gather enquires and honest feedback from attendees.”

CFMOTO gives people a chance to see their products close-up view of their models and the chance to ask about them, creating an understanding of their consumers and the product. They know that the right job needs the right vehicle.

“The values we uphold promote honest and worthwhile purchases by finding a suitable product for each new customer in the Australian market.”

For Agfest they have three of their vehicles for transport of workers on location and have utilised a slot for announcements of their location on site.

They also have website information on site and links to their dealer locations and accessories across their shops for these vehicles that are available to purchase.

CFMOTO Australia is located at 625 on Sixth Avenue.