The Australian Defence Force are Helping People near and abroad
Tobias Hinds

Tobias Hinds
Posted on 04 May, 2023

The Australian Defence Force are Helping People near and abroad

The Australian Defence Force are at Agfest to promote the opportunities available for Australian Citizens through the Defence Force.

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The Australian Defence Force are set up on the main street of Agfest and are showcasing the benefits a career in the military can give.

“We are here to promote opportunities for all Australian citizens in the defence force, and also facilitate the start of the application process for people interested,” says Flight Sergeant Phil Duggan.

“Our main job is to defend Australia and its national interests, but we do a lot more than that. We provide aid in the community including flood and fire assistance, and things of that sort of nature. It’s a really rewarding job, not only for your community but for the nation," says Phil.

Not only are the Defence Force assisting local communities around Australia, but are helping with conflicts overseas.

“Here today we are showing people one of our Protective Mobility Vehicles, otherwise known as a Bushmaster. This one is based in Tasmania with a reserve unit. This model is the same as the ones the Australian Government sent to the Ukraine to assist with the ongoing conflict there,” says Phil.

The Bushmaster is designed to transport troops through war zones as safely as possible, with the windows being able to take a 50 caliber round and the vehicle has blast capability. It is also equipped with run-flat tires.

The Defence Force are assisting people get part time and full time contracts working with the army, navy, and air force.