Big Machines, Big Passion
Megan Oliver

Megan Oliver
Posted on 06 May, 2021

Big Machines, Big Passion

JF Machinery are bringing heavy duty equipment to their Agfest site.

JF machinery

Keith Johnson is the Dealer Principal at JF Machinery, the business he founded in 1997. He has been amazed with how the business has grown in that time.

“I started the business with three people. We now have twenty six across two branches in Hobart and Launceston.”

JF Machinery originally started with heavier earth-moving equipment and in 1999 they secured the franchise for JCB in Tasmania, which has been held ever since.

“We sell into the agriculture, the mining, and extractive industries.”

“We also sell quite a range of hydraulic excavators, like road rollers and construction equipment.”

Keith has been in the business for 47 years, and says it’s a real passion for him.

“Once it’s in the blood it’s what you do.”

As for Agfest, Keith says he’s always trying to bring something new.

“I try not to just bring out the conventional equipment. I try to exhibit new product or machines which are different. I’ve got a 340 horsepower fast-track high speed farm tractor, 70km an hour and fully suspended, for example.”

Keith noted that while there is a cap on numbers, it hasn’t impacted the way they operate at Agfest.

“I think it’s quality rather than quantity. The people here have been really interested.”

“It gives us more time to talk to everyone when it is spread out over the four days as well.”

JF Machinery can be found at Agfest on site M29.