Future-proofing with Powercom Solar.
Lily Thomson

Lily Thomson
Posted on 05 May, 2023

Future-proofing with Powercom Solar.

Powercom Solar have been selling solar for 20 years and haven’t missed a year of Agfest.

Powercom Solar

Joe Hooker, from Powercom Solar says Agfest is a great way to get out and talk to people.

“Whether its people who want to decrease their power bill, or someone looking to enter the solar space, people are looking to get ahead of the game”.

Powercom Solar refrain from extensive advertising making Agfest their main marketing exhibition.

“Agfest is not so much the sales for Powercom Solar its more about brand recognition and getting our story out there”.

Joe says Agfest fits in with Powercom Solar business model and the company’s ethics.

“Especially in the rural space, we have seen an increase in people looking at off-grid solar”.

Powercom Solar have also seen a shift in how people are using their solar, including an increase in tesla batteries for their electric cars.

“That’s a lot of what we do at Agfest is educating people on people on how they can be self-sufficient and to get the most out of their solar”, says Joe.

Head to site M79 on the Main Street to see how you can future proof your solar.