Making Livestock Systems Safer for Farmers with Arrowquip
Tobias Hinds

Tobias Hinds
Posted on 04 May, 2023

Making Livestock Systems Safer for Farmers with Arrowquip

Arrowquip are helping keep farmers and livestock safe with their innovative yard systems.

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Arrowquip are working hard to make farming safer for farmers, and livestock.

Arrowquip are an Australian based company dedicated to making livestock yard systems safer and more efficient.

Kelvin Agg, Tasmanian Territory Manager for Arrowquip, says that the difference is in the design.

“The designs for our yard systems are based on animal behaviour and the natural flow of movement.” Says Kelvin. The inclusion of cattle free areas is a key point in making these systems safer and more efficient for farmers.

“We are Australian made, and we promote safer systems. 40 percent of deaths on farms are unfortunately due to managing livestock, which is why it is our role to implement safer practices,” says Kelvin.

With the percentage of farm deaths being that high, Arrowquip are focusing on developing new ways of managing livestock, rather than relying on old techniques.

“If anyone ever needs to look at safer techniques, they are free to contact us.” Says Kelvin, who is at Agfest to help any farmers that would like to learn more.