Powercom Soaking up the Sunshine
Rainer Curcio

Rainer Curcio
Posted on 04 May, 2019

Powercom Soaking up the Sunshine

The Powercom Solar team spruik the benefits of solar power.

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“We’re trying to educate people and show them what’s possible with solar, batteries and energy efficiency,” says Rohan Windsor, managing director of Hobart-based Powercom.

Mr Windsor says that Tasmanians should consider their back pocket when thinking about solar energy.

“It gives people an option to reduce their power bills.” says Rohan

Solar technology has developed rapidly in recent years. Rohan recalls that back in 2008, his first Agfest appearance, that some people didn’t know what a solar panel was. Now, solar is more accessible than ever.

“In the last 12 months I’d say [the cost of solar] has reduced by 20 percent,” he says.

Powercom is a newly signed Platinum Sponsor of Agfest 2019. The company also installed the solar power systems used at the site.