Andre Abrego

Andre Abrego
Posted on 03 May, 2019

Australian vinegar makes sticky splash at the Agfest International food court

Sticky Balsamic has been making international waves with their quality award-winning vinegar.


Lea Priest, owner of Sticky Balsamic, has been making the rounds in Dubai, Indonesia, and has recently come back from Vietnam. A trip to Japan is coming up in five weeks.

"My background is restaurants and consulting. I realised my passions were food and wine, and now I make vinegar,” said Mr Priest.

Sticky Balsamic was listed in the Innovation Awards at the recent International Food Show in Dubai. The latest of many awards won by the company.

Based in Victoria, this is Lea’s third consecutive year at Agfest.

“I love it here. Even if it can be a bit cold.”

The Sticky Balsamic exhibit is in the back corner of the craft pavilion on the Agfest site.