Life without barriers “take care of our kids”
Bronwyn Lisson

Bronwyn Lisson
Posted on 26 August, 2022

Life without barriers “take care of our kids”

Share your world and become a foster carer for Tassie kids.

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Life Without Barriers is a not-for-profit service that has been coming to Agfest for the past eight years.

This year they are looking for people who might like to “share their world” and become foster carers.

“There’s a real demand for foster carers in the state”, says Anna Wild, operations manager for family-based care.

She says there are many myths around foster care, such as the need to own their house or that you can’t work, which is not true.

"We need different people from different backgrounds. You can be single, married, or from any cultural background. If you have a spare room and a bit of time, you can become a foster carer.”

Along with their state-wide foster care program, they also have a disability program in the north and south of the State, as well as mental health programs.

A Life Without Barriers Ambassador who has been fostering for many years will be in the tent this year speaking about her experience.

“Sometimes it takes people a few years before they’re ready to become foster carers but being at Agfest is important because they can see us and know that we’re here,” says Anna.

“We need to take care of our Tassie kids, that's our message.”

If you’re interested in foster caring, there is a virtual information session on the 28th of September, but in the meantime visit the tent at site 820, Eighth avenue.