Community Awareness Plays a Pivotal Role for S
Grier Brindley

Grier Brindley
Posted on 26 August, 2022

Community Awareness Plays a Pivotal Role for SES

Attendance in community events such as Agfest is critical to the SES team

SES photo

Agfest is a great opportunity for SES to discuss how people can prepare for events such as flooding, storms and general community preparedness.

SES has 625 volunteers. Director Leon Smith says “in an emergency, our volunteers will be there; they’ll have a crack at anything.”

Emergency services are traditionally reactive organisations, reacting and responding to events. But SES take a proactive approach to awareness and emergency services.

“We realise that proactive investment pays off", says Leon.

A focus for SES at Agfest is their interaction with children, especially to provide an insight into flood safety.

Leon says: “children are like sponges, they really listen to advice, and take that home to their parents."

SES helps to implement PPR, planning, preparedness, and response through early education.

To discuss your emergency response plan, you can visit Leon and the team on South Street.