The Roots of Agfest
Megan Oliver

Megan Oliver
Posted on 06 May, 2021

From Humble Beginnings

TJM Tasmania has been a part of Agfest since its inception.

Tjm photo

Jimmy, Brian (pictured above), and Maria are part of the 4th generation family that has owned and operated TJM Tasmania since its establishment. What originally started as a construction company in 1967 has transformed over the decades into agricultural equipment, all the while maintaining a local, family focus.

“We’re all one family here,” Maria said.

“There’s a couple of family members in each store,” Brian added.

TJM Tasmania supplies 4WD and camping equipment, as well as bikes and buggies, and covers a wide variety of gear in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie. Brian explained that TJM Tasmania started a small event showcasing their equipment, which became a part of the large event Agfest is today.

“We had a field day across the road in Franklin Village, and that ran that for two years, and then they got too big for the paddock so they moved it out to Simmons Plains. And we invited some of the other businesses around to display their wares."

As the event picked up, Rural Youth moved the field day to Carrick, bringing in the businesses from Simmons Plains as well as many more, growing Agfest into the largest event in Tasmania's calendar.

“It’s a relationship we’ve had for years and it hasn’t changed,” Jimmy added.

It is a relationship that TJM Tasmania wants to continue well into the future.

Their site at Agfest is M55 on Main Street.