Firearm Services Work to Deter any Mis
Grier Brindley

Grier Brindley
Posted on 25 August, 2022

Firearm Services Work to Deter Any Misuse

Firearms are a great tool of the trade for most farmers, but they must be used safely and lawfully.


Sergeant Paul Devine works to educate people on firearm safety and the importance of storage.

Special attention must be given to those unfamiliar with firearms, or people with violent motives gaining access to weapons. This is intensified in the context of high stress and mental health issues.

It is important owners do all they can to stop people from harming themselves or others to avoid any police involvement.

Sergeant Devine says that the last thing people want is for the police to come and take things that belong to them.

If family and friends can get involved, the earlier the better. There are different strategies owners can take that stop police having to get involved.”

Agfest a great opportunity to interact with the public says Sergeant Devine, especially with the rural community in relation to firearm safety and the mental health component associated with firearms and general awareness.

To find out more about firearm services you can visit Sergeant Devine on South Street.