TasNetworks focusing on the safety of the rural community of Tasmania
Lily Thomson

Lily Thomson
Posted on 04 May, 2023

TasNetworks focusing on the safety of the rural community of Tasmania

TasNetworks preaches the importance of safety when near electricity, especially in rural Tasmania.


Spokesperson Alison Winter, says accidents involving electricity on rural properties can be especially bad.

“Whether it’s irrigators hitting power lines or radiators overheating, it has potential to cause serious accidents. Keeping our people and community safe is our number one focus”.

As Tasmania moves into the cooler months, educating Tasmanians on the safety of using heating inside has been a priority for TasNetworks.

“It’s really important for TasNetworks to have a presence here to remind people accidents can happen easily and have the potential to cause major power outages for the wider community”.

The site also includes various educational activities, with something for everyone.

“A lot of families come to Agfest so we take that opportunity to promote our safety messages to children.”

Site attendees have the opportunity to become familiar with different safety signs, wear hardhats or even have a go at the renewable energy bike.

TasNetworks says Agfest is a great opportunity to talk to members of the community who don’t have the same amount of access to electrical safety education as others.

The main message from the energy company … be mindful and stay alert.