Showcasing local businesses through Woolworths
Tobias Hinds

Tobias Hinds
Posted on 04 May, 2023

Showcasing local businesses through Woolworths

Woolworths are using their famous brand to promote local Tasmanian businesses.

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Woolworths are back at Agfest for their seventh year, showcasing local vendors and suppliers.

The Woolworths marquee has Tasmanian producers from all kinds of backgrounds. The one thing that unites them is that they are all owned and operated in Tasmania.

“The rules in our marquee are that it must be Tasmanian owned business to be in our section.” Says Wesley Polden, Woolworths Marquee manager. “We are really trying to showcase what great products we have in the state.”

These vendors include Daly Farms, House of Fudge, Spreyton Juice, Daly Potato Co, Ashgrove Cheese, Rhu Bru, koi snacks, Westhaven Dairy, Thai Larder, Kooee, All Natural Snacks, and Hansen Orchard.

Alongside the local producers is the Seedlab table, who assist smaller businesses in developing their products.

“Seedlab are helping family businesses take their products to the next level.” Says Wesley.

Many of the Woolworths vendors are offering free samples, and attendees can enjoy a free apple from Hansen Orchard as they leave the marquee.