Rainer Curcio

Rainer Curcio
Posted on 04 May, 2019

Historic Machinery works just like new

The Historical Machinery Club of Tasmania attract curious onlookers at their 22nd Agfest.

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Sputtering away in the heart of Agfest 2019 you’ll find collections of historic machinery ranging from the early 1900s through to the 1970s.

All the machines on display are part of private collections, and the owners are responsible for keeping them in working order.

Event Coordinator John Booth proudly demonstrates his 1952 Bern Smith drag saw, manufactured in Burnie, on Tasmania’s North-West Coast.

The Historical Machinery Club of Tasmania currently has 174 members across a wide age group, ranging from 17 to 92 years old.

John says that many of the pieces in the collections have been in the same family since they were brand new.

“There’s a story with everything,” John says.

Situated beside Old Bits & Pieces of Tasmania, The Historical Machinery Club has an impressive display of vintage machinery, all still operating thanks to the dedicated workmanship of their owners.