Tanks for everything
Jake Denton

Jake Denton
Posted on 05 May, 2023

Tanks for everything

Tankworld is all about filtration and sanitation options.

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“We’ve been at Agfest for 28 years now,” says Tankworld representative Michael Stringer.

“We’re a long-established business and Agfest adds to our brand awareness and has given us plenty of repeat business over the years.”

Michael says their products are perfect for the rural market not using mains water and for filtration of garden water. Even smaller drinking applications and new builds in semi-rural locations are suitable for their tanks.

Their location on the corner of South Street and Fourth Avenue gives them a perfect opportunity to bring in customers from both ends of the street. Folks can walk in and around their display and see the range of pumps and filtration on offer.

“It’s not just about water storage, it’s what you’re doing with the water and the result you’re trying to achieve, whether it's drinking or gardening, there are different filtration and sanitation options to give you the best quality of water.”

They are 100% Tasmanian owned, operated, and manufactured. Quality assurance for their products is key, including the storage capacity of a tank and an understanding of its practical use.

Their polyethylene material complies with Australian standards with no taste or odour and they ensure that the products are designed and utilised for its purpose as part of their quality assurance program.

On display, they offer a wide range of tanks in terms of size, shape, and capacity, including rounded and slim narrow options. These options are all suited for any type of installation and application with different heights and colour ranges including modern and traditional, sure to match any shed and style of house.

They are located at S33 on South Street.