Agfest Field Days

Agfest Field Days
Posted on 15 April, 2020


Agfest 2020 PDK to Cloud

Agfest 2020 is going ahead – but will be moved from the paddock to the cloud to enable exhibitors to generate much-needed trade and to stimulate Tasmania’s economy during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The Rural Youth Organisation of Tasmania, organisers of the three-day field days that inject more than $20 million into the local economy each year, announced the heart-breaking decision to cancel Agfest 2020 in March while the community united to fight the coronavirus. Instead of dwelling on what could have been, this group of innovative young Tasmanians has been investigating all opportunities to run a virtual event to fuel economic activity.

In partnership with the Tasmanian Government and local design and project management companies, a ground-breaking online platform will be designed, developed and marketed to a global audience to enable up to 1000 companies to promote Agfest specials. And instead of three days, Agfest 2020 will run online for three weeks.

It is expected deals will be offered on a wide range of products – from tractors and towels, to sheds and swimming pools, to woollen socks and water tanks, to chemicals and caravans, to lawn mowers and lice control, to boats and banking products, to pumps, plants and potato peelers.

Agfest Chairman Ethan Williams said the project is a huge undertaking and one that would hopefully make a real difference to local businesses and the Tasmanian economy.

“Rural Youth and the Agfest Committee are ever so grateful to the Tasmanian Government for recognising the importance of this innovative idea and providing a much-needed grant to enable us to design, develop, promote and manage this project,” Mr Williams said.

“We know many of our highly-valued exhibitors had already purchased stock, booked accommodation and flights, engaged extra staff and spent considerable money on signage and design for their stands. And many of these companies heavily rely on revenue from the event as they head into the quieter winter months.

“Rural Youth and Agfest have been so appreciative of the high levels of support and understanding demonstrated by our exhibitors, sponsors, contractors and suppliers in light of the cancellation so we are delighted that we can now develop this platform to generate sales and economic activity to support them.”

The focus is to launch Agfest 2020 in the Cloud on 7 May, the scheduled opening day for the planned-paddock event. Rural Youth has this morning informed all exhibitors of the exciting new initiative and will be providing further information as soon as possible regarding the online sign-up process.

Rural Youth State President Jake Williams encouraged all members of the Agfest family to utilise the Agfest 2020 in the Cloud platform to promote their deals and online-shops, as well as all Tasmanians to jump online from 7 May to “shop their hearts out”!

“This is a great opportunity to buy local and support our businesses so that they can continue to employ our community members and be in the best possible position post COVID-19.”