Headspace – Getting young people the health they need, and having fun doing it
Tobias Hinds

Tobias Hinds
Posted on 06 May, 2023

Headspace – Getting young people the health they need, and having fun doing it

Headspace are providing young people with mental health assistance and support through their centres and website.

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The Headspace site at Agfest is helping young people get the assistance they need, and having fun doing it.

“We are here to share our services with the youth of Tasmania. We provide youth mental health services for 12-25 year olds,” says Katie Lack, Centre Manager of Headspace Devonport and Burnie.

“We have put a massive amount of effort into our Agfest set up. We want everyone to have a bit of fun at our tent, and we use that to help people open up about what it is to feel our emotions and talk about our wellbeing. We have a circus theme here today and we also have a wheel of fortune that allows people to get a bit of free merch,” says Katie.

There are many ways in which young people, or their friends and families can get in contact with Headspace.

“Young people can call us, check us out online, come into our centres, or even meet us here at Agfest. In our tent we have a QR code that can give you more information, and we are here to talk to people about any services they could want,” says Katie.

Headspace also offers assistance in starting a career or study options through their Work and Study program. This program provides mentoring and support for people looking for jobs or studying.

“We want to normalise help-seeking for young people. They have resources that are free and available in their communities,” says Katie.

More information can be found at their website, through their centres, or at their Agfest site, located at site 829 Eight Avenue.