Mackenzie Stolp

Mackenzie Stolp
Posted on 04 May, 2019


John Hoare, owner of Yennel Longhorns, and his Texas Longhorn cattle took out a Site Award at this year’s Agfest for their ‘Paddock to Plate’ set-up.

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Side-by-side, Agfest patrons can visit and admire the beautiful longhorn’s in all their glory and then pop next door and grab a burger or pie made from longhorn beef.

“We’ve launched our Paddock to Plate at Agfest this year using the longhorn beef,” says John.
“It’s our intention as a business to develop the breed and showcase the quality of the meat to the Tasmanian public” he says.

It’s not an everyday opportunity to get view and interact with the animal before consuming, which has proven to be a popular attraction with the Agfest crowds.

“People can see the livestock and taste the food which is the true paddock to plate agricultural experience,” Says John.

Photo by Rainer Curcio