Turning up the heat at Agfest
Jake Denton

Jake Denton
Posted on 04 May, 2023

Turning up the heat at Agfest

SupaGas is here to meet all your industrial, domestic and hospitality LPG needs.

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At this year’s Agfest, SupaGas demonstrate the variety of what their products can do. Offering everything from gas storage for portable outdoor heaters and industrial cylinders used for welding and the hospitality industry.

SupaGas's Business Development Manager Craig Sherrin says that their gasses are used in many of Launceston's local industries including hospitality, beer production, and distilleries/wineries.

“Agfest is great for awareness of what we offer in this market. We can build brand awareness and expand it to people visiting from interstate.”

He wants people to see the benefits of LPG as an energy source in peoples homes. LPG can be used in heating appliances and those in the Airbnb market.

“It is convenient for Tasmanians as there is limited access to natural gas in certain areas. LPG burns at a higher temperature and is efficient for homes including gas and water heating, especially compared to electric storage systems.”

On display at their site, they have a small sampling of their range on display including 45kg cylinders for domestic and commercial applications, industrial cylinders for oxygen, acetylene gas, and carbon dioxide-based gas used in hospitality.

SupaGas is located at 818 on Eighth Avenue.