CF Moto: ATVs that are set to impress.
Bronwyn Lisson

Bronwyn Lisson
Posted on 25 August, 2022

CFMOTO: ATVs that are set to impress

The motorcycle brand that manufactures innovative powersport vehicles.

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CFMOTO are one of Australia’s main sellers of quad bikes and ATVs. Their vehicles are not only powerful but attractive to look at.

The brand showcases quad bikes, UTVs, ATVs, Youth ATVs, and motorcycles with specialist vehicles for work or recreation.

Sheridan Cowling, from CFMOTO says their range of quad bikes are their most sought-after products.

“The quad bikes have come out with new models this year: the 400 and 500 ATVs,” says Sheridan.

“They look a bit different and have new suspension in them too.”

“We’ve got the new 800 MT, which uses the new KTM motor, perfect for those who are into adventure motorcycles.”

Sheridan says talking to people about the vehicles is the best part of Agfest.

“It’s certainly nice meeting a lot of people here at Agfest, it’s nice to get the company name out there”, Sheridan says.

“We get a lot of customers coming back into our shops a week or two later after having a think about it and making a purchase then”

You can Find Sheridan and his team at Site 625 on Sixth Ave.