Off-road adrenaline and a great addition to any property
Lily Thomson

Lily Thomson
Posted on 04 May, 2023

Off-road adrenaline and a great addition to any property

Polaris is known for its fast and agile vehicles, covering both work and play, with their whole range on showcase at this year’s Agfest.

Polaris photo

Polaris provides a wide range of vehicles, from commercial rangers to multi-terrain 4-seater machines.

Polaris Retail and Development Manager for Tasmania and Victoria, Josh Svedas, travelled from Victoria to attend Agfest.

“This is Polaris’s biggest sale opportunity in Tasmania, the second biggest in Australia behind AgQuip in NSW”.

On average Polaris sells between 30 and 40 vehicles over the three days, with their range one of the biggest in the off-road vehicle industry.

“We have the biggest range in the off-road vehicles, with almost double, if not triple, the number of different vehicles on show.”

So whether you are looking to get farm work done faster, or you have the need for speed, Polaris will have a vehicle for you.

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