Rainer Curcio

Rainer Curcio
Posted on 04 May, 2019

ABC Northern Tasmania Broadcasting from Agfest

ABC Northern Tasmania getting amongst the crowds at Agfest

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At the ABC Northern Tasmania site, near the front entrance to Agfest, Drive presenter Piia Wirsu roves the crowd, interviewing passersby and engaging children in news-reading competitions.

This style of outside broadcast, Piia says, breaks down the barrier between the public and the media and engages the audience that little bit more.

“We can just chat to people as their wandering past or actually get out amongst what’s happening and bring that back,” says Piia.
“It’s a great chance to get out into the community and meet people.”

ABC Radio will be present for the entirety of the Agfest weekend with many different programs being broadcast from the site.