Getting right to the power point
Zeke Gaffney

Zeke Gaffney
Posted on 07 May, 2021

Getting right to the power point

Tasnetworks is informing Tasmania’s kids and adults about where their they get their power.

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Tasnetworks own, operate and maintain the electricity transmission and distribution network in Tasmania.

They also run the transfer of electricity between Victoria and Tasmania via Basslink, the sub-sea electricity interconnector.

Brand awareness is all-important says Tasnetworks’s representative at Agfest Allison Winter. “There are still not that many people who know who we are, what we do in the supply.”

As a government-owned business Tasnetworks do not get the opportunity to talk to their customers as often as the electric companies working in the retail of electricity.

Tasnetworks’ Claire Blackall says that confusion with Hydro is common, “Hydro are the generation part of the operation; we’re the transmission, and then there are retailers like Aurora.

“The reaction of the kids is always exciting/ We say ‘poles and wires’, and they get the connection.”

Agfest is an opportunity for Tasnetworks to talk to Tasmanians and highlight key messages around environmental involvement. Helping Tasmanians manage their personal energy efficiency, and the safety of kids around electricity.

Tasnetworks are also conducting a survey at Agfest to better understand what they can do for their customers in the coming year.

For more information, or to complete a survey, head to Tasnetworks tent on Main street at Agfest, or find more information on their website.