Breaking down barriers and creating new opportunites
Jake Denton

Jake Denton
Posted on 07 May, 2023

Breaking down barriers and building stronger families

Life Without Barriers continues to make an impact and raise awareness about its mission.

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Life Without Barriers wants to provide children with safe and stable foster care. They aim to connect with more people at Agfest and encourage them to consider fostering opportunities in Tasmania.

Their Ambassador, Katie Wells, says that Agfest is the perfect platform for their cause because it is known for its inviting Tassie culture. They have set up a booth with banners, activities for children, and even a giraffe mascot named Steve who greets visitors.

“Tassie is such a great and progressive state. Here at Agfest, we can find people who are down to earth and invested in similar rural values, caring for their state, families, and this lifestyle.”

They want to start a conversation with everyone about fostering opportunities they provide and how they make sure to match the right children with the right families, ensuring that every placement lasts.

“Tasmania has recently recorded the highest number of new foster carers in Australia. Life Without Barriers wants to capitalise on this trend at Agfest and encourage more people to take on the important role of foster carers.”

They also have a partnership with Ashgrove that has been going strong for three years, sharing their values in realising the importance of the youth and their future and safety. They have been working closely at Agfest to encourage and support each other.

To further raise awareness, the organisation will hold a webinar on May 25th. The webinar will discuss what it means to be a foster carer and how to become one.

Life Without Barriers believes that fostering can offer a therapeutic and fulfilling experience for both a child and their carer. They assure they will be there to guide people every step of the way through their foster care process.

Life Without Barriers is located at 812 on Eighth Avenue.