Orion dig deep for Ukraine.
Bronwyn Lisson

Bronwyn Lisson
Posted on 26 August, 2022

Orion dig deep for Ukraine


This year Orion team members Chloe and Jacob are helping to “dig deep for Ukraine” by selling bright green spades, with all proceeds going to Ukraine to support humanitarian aid.

At just five dollars a spade, you’re not only getting a bargain, but you're also supporting a great cause.

This year, Orion are showcasing the Jackybin, a specialist grain storage hopper. The bins can hold up to 1000 kilograms of grain or 1000 litres, depending on the goods being stored.

“What is most special about the feeding and dispersing range at Orion is that they are made from poly-agricultural solutions which provide optimal weather resistance, and combat corrosion”, says the team.

“A lot of feeds are acidic and can rust machinery, but our poly solutions can withstand the rigours of daily farm life.”

Go and visit the team at Orion and pick up a spade while you’re at it at site 828, Eight Ave.