Keeping the Waste away
Zeke Gaffney

Zeke Gaffney
Posted on 07 May, 2021

Keeping the Waste away

Professional Plumbing are cleaning up Tasmania’s wastewater and preserving the state.

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The Envirotas is a fully Tasmanian made and accredited concrete wastewater recyclers using aeration to purify water to approved Tasmanian levels for domestic and commercial operations.

Owner of Professional Plumbing and designer Paul Bettany started out in waste management and plumbing after his getting some fatherly encouragement.

“Dad said to me: ‘it’s good to do something that no-one else wants to do.”

Paul realised he had a good understanding of waste management which lead to him adapt and redesign previous aeration filtration units making it better and doing a job no one else can do.

Sustainability is key for Paul. Being designed for Tasmania, in Tasmania, and protecting the state’s environment and key industries like fisheries, and wine.

Envirotas units are installed everywhere around Tasmania even here at Agfest, protecting the Agfest site throughout the year and reducing the waste produced during the event.

If you are interested in managing your waste and want to have a chat with Paul come by his stall at 913 down ninth avenue.