Ashgrove Dairy– Taking the Taste of Tassie to the Mainland
Bronwyn Lisson

Bronwyn Lisson
Posted on 24 August, 2022

Ashgrove Dairy– Taking the Taste of Tassie to the Mainland

What makes Ashgrove Dairy so special is that they are one of the only family-owned, on-farm manufacturers that are built to scale left in Australia.


Over twenty years have passed since dairy farmers first attended Agfest, but this year Ashgrove dairy is showing up totally new. Not only have they become a proud Agfest sponsor and milk vendor, but they also now boast their own stand-alone site.

Member of the Ashgrove family and marketing manager Anne Bennett, says they are “fiercely proud” to be 100% Tasmanian family-owned.

According to Anne, the reason Ashgrove is what it is today is partly due to what they started with Agfest years ago–connecting face-to-face with their community.

“Agfest was one of the first places that Ashgrove ever became consumer-facing. The opportunity to showcase our cheeses really means a lot”, says Anne.

One of her dad’s lines back in the day was “please try our products, you might like them” and customers certainly did.

Today, Ashgrove has undergone a rebranding effort that emphasizes its Tasmanian values and in doing so, is appealing to consumers right across Australia.

Some of their new products include their Wineglass Bay Vintage Cheddar and the Cradle Mountain Double Gloucester.

Ashgrove has something for everyone. Their mega show bags contain selections of their finest produce. They have picnic packs with locally made crackers, sophisticated pastes, and five-in-one selection packs. There’s big and little cheese t-shirts, and (just in time for Father’s Day) they have woolly socks decked out with mini cheese emojis.

They also have a kid’s pack, which includes Ashgrove emoji pencils, a trio of cheeses, a locally made cow biscuit, and a lunchbox.

You won’t miss Anne and the Ashgrove family in their bright yellow container on site 23, Main Street.