Helping Small Business Grow and Change with Seedlab
Tobias Hinds

Tobias Hinds
Posted on 04 May, 2023

Helping Small Business Grow and Change with Seedlab

Government funded Seedlab is helping small businesses grow through free training.

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Seedlab Tasmania and Seedlab Australia help small businesses develop through free training and social events.

“We help them start, scale and grow their business. We have helped over 300 individual people who have gone through the Seedlab Tasmania program over the last 3-4 years,” says Dr Hazel MacTavish-West, Seedlab’s CEO and Co-founder.

Their introductory program, Bootcamp, helps small Tasmanian producers improve their business techniques and gives them valuable information and connections.

“We bring the world to Tasmania. We have the best of the best from the UK, New Zealand, Canada, all over the world, come and talk to our Tassie Businesses and help them be better at what they do,” says Hazel.

Seedlab Tasmania is completely funded by the Department of State Growth, and Seedlab Australia is supported by Woolworths. This means that the programs are completely free.

“House of Fudge and Thai Larder, who are set up in the Woolworths marquee, took part in our programs and are now supplying Woolworths and continuing to grow. Our national and international program Seedlab Australia is funded by Woolworths, and that helps food, drink, and personal care products get onto their shelves.”

Seedlab alumni Louisa Anderson is the owner of Truffles of Tasmania and says that Seedlab was an invaluable experience.

“Seedlab has been an excellent foundation. Not only from meeting and connecting with other producers, but from the business sense as well. We were able to pull apart out business and change the direction of what we had thought we were going to move into and rebuild it into a more sustainable model. There were so many tools and resources available, it’s invaluable,” says Louisa.

Applications for Seedlabs next Bootcamp are now open for any small business to apply.