The Scouts helping young and old overcome their fears
Hayden Cornes

Hayden Cornes
Posted on 26 August, 2022

The Scouts helping young and old overcome their fears

Abseiling the iconic Agfest 13-metre tower is life-changing for event patrons.

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“I’ve put kids over there that are in tears, they go over the edge with their eyes shut. Once they start going down, they’re okay, and by the time they get sent back up again, they’re ready for another go,” says Scouts leader Andrew Thompson.

“All of a sudden they’ve gone from having a fear of heights to being comfortable,” he adds.

The Scout’s Tasmania climbing tower can be spotted from anywhere at Agfest and is stealing the show with its breathtaking view.

Everyone is encouraged to try abseiling down the tower or climbing up it, with Scout leaders from all over the state helping you along the way.

“I think it’s as much fun for the leaders as it is for the kids. The guys running it love doing it. They love getting the kids out there and putting them over the edge. We’ve had four-year-old’s through to 80 on the tower, everybody enjoys it,” says Andrew.

“It’s all about skill development, it’s beating your fears, it’s having fun and pushing yourself to the next level,” he added.

For the best view at Agfest, head over to site N73 on North Street.